There's no better way to entice a person's mind and experience than through the power of 4D+. Octagon Studio wish to introduce children or even adults to experience a four dimensional world. With Octagon 4D+, flashcards are no longer boring. Not only can the user learn from the facts and information, they can also witness the images come alive. If you can see them, you can interact with them. Touch, turn the screen, explore and observe!


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Animal4D+ was released in Wearable London Tech Show 2015. It is a pack of cards, with 26 illustrations of animals, representing each alphabet letter from A to Z. Anyone with a phone or tablet can bring this Augmented Reality circus to life by just downloading ‘Animal4D+’ app from the App Store or Google Play for free. Octagon’s 4D+ Animal Flash Cards show virtual animals in Augmented Reality. Place the cards side by side, and explore the alphabet as never seen before. Many animals can be viewed simultaneously.

Octagon4D+ plans to take educational experiences to a brand new level. Users of all ages could enhance their learning abilities through fun, interactive media.



The latest creation of Octagon Studio is called Octaland4d+ Occupation. Octagon Studio launched Octaland4d+ Occupation in Augmented World Expo (AWE), California, 2015. Octaland4D+ Occupation cards consist of a pack of flashcards from A-Z, introducing 26 characters, from Albert the Astronaut to Zac the Zoo keeper.

Using AR technology, you can travel into the virtual world called Octaland. You are also able to access Octaland through portals in various parts of the world, but you have to follow an educational treasure hunt to find the portals.

Octaland4D+ Occupation cards are the first in a series of Octaland products. It incorporates educational activities to bring the joy of learning to everyone, young or old.


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